Why Less Than 10% of Businesses Have Claimed Their Google Place Page And Why The Other 90% Should

The answer to the question of why less than 10% of local businesses have claimed their Google Place Page is simple. They don’t know that they can. Many don’t even know that it exist. Even home businesses would benefit from claiming their Google Place Page.You may be asking yourself why this is important for you and your business. The answer is that it is the most inexpensive online marketing strategy to boost your business within the Google local search ranking. There is a new phenomenon happening called narrow casting. This means that individuals are looking for local businesses. In fact, one third of all Google searches include a city, province, state or postal code or zip code. Claiming your Google Place Page will help to merge your web and mobile identity.There is a fundamental shift in the way people are communicating. There are 5 billion cellular phone users compared to 1.8 billion internet users. Moreover, it is estimated that 51 million of these use smart phones. And guess what company was involved with the development and engineering of these androids? Yes, Google.There were 28.6 million unique mobile web users in February 2007. This number skyrocketed to 69.5 million in August 2009. In fact, according to The Nielson Company the statistics showed an increase of 34% from 42.5 million in July, 2008 to 56.9 million in July, 2009. These are significant results. And if you don’t have a smart phone now, just look at your children. What is their preferred mode of communication? Need I say more?Claiming your Place Page is fast, easy and best of all it’s free. Simply go to Google and search for your business. If your business is new, you’ll have to add your business instead of claiming it. Now fill in the blanks. Make sure that you fill in as many categories as you possibly can including pictures, videos, testimonials, reviews, hours of operation, methods of payments. You get the picture. How wonderful that you are in control of the information. Now make sure that you repeat the process with Yahoo and Bing local listings in order to drive your search engine optimization results even further!Google will send you an owner-verified card in the mail with a pin code so that you can owner-verify your account. The advantage to you now is that Google will use your owner-verified Place Page as its resource for your business once you’ve claimed and verified that you are indeed the owner.This phenomenon is here to stay. Facebook now has Facebook Places so that you can communicate with your friends about the places you’ve been. Yelp is another site. You can even become the mayor of Foursquare. Local directories are beginning to abound but the most familiar name in the internet world is still Google and Google is in charge of Google Place Pages. Why haven’t you claimed yours yet? It’s free.

Auto Glass Repair – Why Do You Need To Repair The Crack Urgently?

If you’ve been driven for any time, you’re certainly familiar with the sinking sensation after a pebble cracks off your windshield. One thought often arises when you finally look at the shattered windshield: Can this be fixed, or would I need to install a new thing? The solution might not be as obvious as you might believe! Read on as we examine why do you need to repair the crack urgently.
Difference Between a Chipped and Cracked Windshield

There are many different ways that the windshield of your car can get damaged, but windshield repair is the same. No pun intended, but the harm to windshield by using a tiny stone or something with an animal accident may have quite different effects on how you handle it. So before we discuss the many kinds of damage, it’s crucial to understand how a window is constructed.

“Safety” glass is a term that is occasionally used to describe auto glass or windshield glass. It comprises two sections joined together by a laminated plastic layer. This design makes your windshield split into significantly smaller pieces if something hits it, preventing it from smashing into dangerous ones, much smaller, much larger.

Windshield Chips

When a little piece of the windshield layer is torn apart by impact, then as a result a chip is formed. It is tiny enough so it may usually be fixed. But if the damage is large enough to go through the plastic’s inner layer, you might need to change it. Small chips may not seem like a big deal, but they can frequently be the starting point for cracks.

Windshield Cracks

The windshield may expand and contract due to temperature variations, regardless of whether the vehicle is in the scorching sun or moving through the icy air. This procedure may cause a fracture in your windshield to spread progressively.

Furthermore, little particles of dirt can enter a crack in its initial stages and aggravate it over time. A little amount of tape placed over a crack in your windshield may serve as a temporary fix to stop the fracture from expanding.

When to Repair a Chipped and Cracked Windshield

A damaged windshield may frequently be fixed for less money than a full replacement. The sort of chip or fracture, size, depth, placement, and number of chips or fractures affect how well a car glass specialist can fix the damage.

While calculating a mobile windshield repair, the amount of damage is also factored in. Keep in mind that the windshield of a car has a plastic layer between the outer and inner layers of glass. It is likely possible to fix a crack or chip that only penetrates one layer of glass and is shallow enough. You can repair your windshield at an auto glass repair shop. It’s best to fix the damage as quickly as feasible it can.

We provide you with the best services for mobile windshield replacement. We assure you that you can repair the cracks from us to fulfil all your demands. Repairing cracks from us will give you many benefits and safety and we will provide you our amazing services at an affordable cost.

The Benefits of Mobile Windshield Repair Services

Accidents are unexpected and unfortunate events that can affect and damage your car, especially the windshield or the front glass of your vehicle, which receives the hardest blow during the accident. Irrespective of whether your vehicle has suffered a minor shape or a deep crack, it is always advisable to hire windshield experts if your car windshield gets damaged. Reaching out to windshield experts without any delay will be the best choice as a windshield is an important safety component present in your car
Visiting a windshield repair shop in person can become a problematic situation if you have a busy schedule. There is also a great deal of safety risk associated with driving around with your vehicle having a damaged or cracked windshield. If you are facing the same problem, you need not worry anymore, as you can simply opt for a mobile windshield repair service instead of driving to an auto repair shop to quickly repair your windshield.

What are the Benefits of Mobile Windshield Repair Services?

There are plenty of advantages that car owners can get by opting for Mobile windshield replacement Services.

Quick replacement of a cracked or damaged windshield is crucial in the present day, where time is essential. Car owners may not have the time to drive their cars to a local auto repair shop amid their busy schedules. This is why mobile windshield repair or replacement service comes to your rescue and helps you save time. Instead of driving your car to the shop, you can call a mobile windshield repair service and save your time driving to and fro from the auto glass repair shop. Mobile windshield repair services come with a team of technicians to your location and help you to get your windshield repaired quickly.

Extremely useful at times of emergency
The second most important benefit of hiring a mobile windshield replacement service is that they are handy and provide great convenience. If your windshield gets damaged midway on the road or street, then mobile windshield replacement services will be the best choice in times of emergency. These services help you to save yourself from the danger of driving a car with a damaged windshield.

Professional technicians will repair your windshield.
Mobile windshield repair services are extremely helpful since they come with professional technicians in no time and help you to do the work quickly. With these services, you will find no difference between the repair services provided in the center. Mobile windshield replacement companies maintain well-equipped technicians with proper knowledge, the right tools, and expertise so that they can fix your cracked or damaged windshield quickly.

Driving a car with a damaged windshield is a safety hazard that should be avoided at any cost. Large chips or windshield cracks can cause you an obscure vision. A damaged windshield will not offer the right integral support to your car’s roof, which increases the chance of an accident. Depending on the extent of crack or damage, the windshield may shatter completely, thereby ensuring you and other passengers. So instead of driving a car with a damaged windshield, it is always the best option to hire mobile windshield replacement services.

We are a top-notch company that has been providing mobile windshield replacement services for a long time. We are well known for providing extensive windshield or car glass repair and replacement services. We have a team of windshield experts who will provide guaranteed windshield replacement services at your doorstep. We provide hassle-free and good service within a short period.

How To Tell If Windshield Replacement Is Necessary

Windshield replacement is cost-effective, but only if the damage meets certain criteria. You may also require replacement if you have damage that’s preventing you from being able to see out of your windshield properly. Many times one doesn’t know what’s better in this situation, so to solve this problem even, we are available 24*7 online as well as physically to let you know your best.
Windshield repair is usually cheaper than replacement and can be done on an as-needed basis. The most common reason for windshield replacement is if there’s severe damage in a small area or around the edges of your windshield. This can happen from cracks in multiple places or from one crack that extends across multiple areas of glass, blocking the visibility of what’s behind you. If this happens, repairing your windshield will likely cost more than replacing it outright due to labor costs associated with removing the old glue and replacing it with the new adhesive that adheres better than what came before.

Repair is not possible when there is severe damage to a larger area of the windshield.

If the damage is too large, repair is not possible. The only way to replace a windshield is if there’s significant damage within one area of the windshield and no other areas of concern. If you have multiple scratches or chips on your windshield, then it’s likely that you’ll need to replace your entire glass unit (or at least one side).

Replacement is necessary when there’s damage to multiple areas or around the edges of the glass windshield.

If your windshield has been struck by a rock, tree limb, or another object that broke through it and damaged more than one area, you’ll need to have your windshield replaced. This is because if these cracks are left untreated, they can grow larger and make driving difficult, if not impossible.

You may also require replacement if you have damage that’s preventing you from being able to see out of your windshield properly. This can happen when a rock or other object hits the glass and shatters it, or if there are cracks in the windshield that prevent clear visibility.

If this happens, it’s important to get your car fixed as soon as possible so that no further damage occurs and no accidents occur on roadways where drivers cannot see enough to make safe driving decisions.

Cracked or chipped glass can be repaired for much less than replacing it, but it’s important to determine whether repair or replacement is the right solution for your vehicle. Therefore, you can ask our experts who will help you make a better and right decision.

We are one of the best mobile windshield replacement services available, just some messages or calls away, and we can come out and assess whether there’s any damage that needs attention beyond simple repairs like cracking/chipping—and if so, we will also determine whether replacing the glass is necessary for safety reasons as well as we are capable of providing quality work at an affordable price.

If you’re not sure what to do, contact the best auto glass shop for recommendations on whether a repair or replacement will meet your needs at a price that fits your budget. Our glass repairing mechanics are well experienced at these works.


If you have any questions about whether or not your car needs a windshield replacement or auto glass repair, then it’s best to consult our professionals. We can help determine the issue and give you some recommendations on whether or not a repair or replacement would be the best option for your vehicle at an affordable price. Also, this work has to be done with great diligence as it needs hard work and perfection, at which our people are best fitted.