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Home Improvement Financing – How to Find It

Homes need to be updated and repaired. Aside from cosmetic fixes and design makeovers, there are the basic, but absolutely necessary renovations that have to happen. Unfortunately, the money isn’t always there when you are ready to venture into a new project.That’s where home improvement financing comes in. Whether it’s an unexpected roof repair, blown plumbing or just a regular renovation project, home improvement financing lets homeowners borrow money to invest in and upgrade their homes. Keep reading to learn all about the different types of home improvement financing options along with tips you can use to lower your borrowing costs.Credit LinesOne of the quickest ways to finance your project is through a line of credit. A line of credit lets you borrow what you need as you need. So, you only pay interest on what you actually use. In addition to being flexible, a line of credit usually offers lower interest rates and a simple and fast application process.Home Equity LoanHome equity loans work by leveraging the equity in your home as a guarantee against the amount borrowed. Like a second mortgage, a home equity loan lets you access the equity in your home and reinvest it back into your property. Typically, the interest rates are great and the loan is usually payable over a number of years. Remember, because a home equity loan issues the full loan amount up front, you will have to start paying interest on the entire sum right away.Home Improvement or Home Renovation LoanMost banks offer loans that are targeted toward home renovations. These work like a mortgage, but the banks take into consideration the value of your home after the renovations are completed, not before. Therefore, to apply for a home improvement or home renovation loan, you’ll need to supply an itemized breakdown of your project expenses, a full project plan, timeline and budget.Typically, the bank or lender will release the loan in increments and only after certain project milestones are met.Store and Consumer Credit CardsIf you only need a small amount of short-term financing, consumer credit is often the quickest and easiest way to go. Unfortunately, most cards have prohibitively high interest rates and aren’t recommended for large-budget projects. For example, using a credit card to buy a few bathroom tiles is one thing, but you wouldn’t want to finance a total home makeover repaying at 15 percent interest.